Watch! New Televised Interview at Cahnmann’s Round Table (Part 1)

Hear Rabbi Scheiman and community outreach volunteer Aaron Snowden talk to Suzanne Cahnmann about areas of positive impact possible within the prison system and the community, as well as ways of getting information to the incarcerated that can help them return to society productively when the time comes.

The lively conversation touches on many diverse areas, including the difficulties of posting bail in Cook County Jail, finding resources to get spouses through the hard times, how people of all backgrounds might find themselves in trouble with the criminal justice system, mental health as a cause of incarceration, HINDA’s support for family-community integration, and much more.

Although the focus is mainly on Jewish prisoner assistance, HINDA’s message that people have inherent goodness and the ability to change can and does speak to the soul of every human. This outreach to all is stimulating a new initiative towards a prisoner re-entry center for the South Side of Chicago, currently in the discussion and planning stages.