Please Give Generously

As we approach the festive holiday of Purim and begin to prepare for the Chag HaGeulah of Pesach, we are reminded of our responsibility to help Jews in need around us and throughout the world. The requests for Tzedakah may be overwhelming at times but we must take this time to do what we can to share the brochos bestowed on us from Hashem especially when the needy are members of our own community. A family many of us know is currently in dire financial circumstances being that their breadwinner is no longer able to provide for the family. The existing needs and expenses of this mother and her 9 children are only increasing and their ability to maintain their home is dependent on any help they can receive from others. Please consider giving generously to assist this family.

The donations are tax deductible. anonymous-family-541123

Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman