• The Aleph Institute A National organization, Providing critical social services; religious, educational, humanitarian and advocacy needs of individuals in institutional environments
  • The Aleph Institute – N.E. Regional Headquarters Provides Religious and Humanitarian resources to those incarcerated and their families and for those in long term institutions. Located in Pennsylvania 
  • Jewish Prisoner Services International Its purpose is to provide spiritual and advocacy services for Jewish prisoners, and assistance to their families, releasees, probationers, et cetera. We work in partnership with various major Jewish organizations and social service agencies throughout the United States, Canada, Israel and elsewhere around the globe.
  • Live From Lockdown Rather than glamorize street gangs, the mission of LIVE is to utilize gang leadership as credible messengers to provide an unvarnished view of prison and the harsh reality facing gang members who are behind bars. A message delivered by those best equipped to deliver it to our youth in a way that will ensure the message is received, believed and heeded. 
  • Reaching Out Reaching Out helps Jewish prisoners cope with the fears and anxieties prior to going to jail and the obstacles and hurdles while in prison.

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