Letter from a Former Inmate

Dear supporters and friends, here is a letter we were forwarded from an inmate who was touched by HINDA’s help.  We are including this to show you both the potential of people to learn and change, as well as the obstacles they face when they are released.

13 Sivan, 5776

Shalom Rabbi,

I hope your Shavuot holiday was well.  I was so excited to see in the Liberator (Aleph’s National Liberator Magazine) the article about Rabbi Scheiman.  I met that man at my worst in the Illinois Department of Corrections in 2007, and that man never made me feel like a prisoner.  Even after release, at a holiday dinner, I was treated as a member of the family.  He (Rabbi Scheiman) introduced me to the Aleph Institute.  Rabbi, next month is … the anniversary of my violent almost deadly… but the Lord stepped in and said “no!”.  I have had a lot of battles, but I am coming to the end of my stay.  I was never a person to ask for help, but now I [am turning to you for assistance]… Do you have resources in [certain states?].  I have [relatives] and I will get [small amount of monthly disability funding].  I know that at one point Aleph used to help with security deposits and first month’s rent, but that was back in 2007, times have changed… well, whatever you can do or suggest will be most helpful… I don’t want to go back to [my previous location]. I need to change my direction, and I know that will be a bad situation, considering after everything up until now.

Have a great week.