Sheriff Tom Dart, in his opinion essay in Crain’s Chicago, suggests that employers and business decision-makers should give ex-offenders more opportunity in 2016:

When I walk through the jail and analyze detainee criminal histories, it’s increasingly clear that those jailed on nonviolent charges are predominantly good people who were born on the wrong side of the tracks. They made mistakes and are eager for second chances. Permanently shutting the revolving door between the streets and jail begins with offering fair opportunities for solid jobs with steady incomes…

We all benefit when ex-felons transition from costing society to contributing to it—but only a select few influencers have the capacity to turn this rhetoric into meaningful action.

Chicago’s business community has a rare opening to catalyze the criminal justice reform movement, break the insidious cycle of recidivism and revive our depressed economy.

For such a unique opportunity, it’s worth dusting off the 2016 list of resolutions—and lobbing a call into HR in the process.

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