Contact us about supporting HINDA’s work through in-kind donations of stocks and bonds, wills, life insurance, real estate, vehicles and other items of property.

Additional Giving Opportunities

Your donation helps us reach individuals and their families, getting them back, or maybe actually getting them, for the first time in their lives, onto the right track.

HINDA goes boldly where most people will not dare to go, imparting belief (mixed with realism) in the latent potential of every human being to transcend their life’s difficulties and be better for it.

Yes, we have our head in the clouds, but our feet are firmly planted on the ground, and that’s why we appreciate your material and financial support!

Monetary Donations

To set up a one-time or recurring donation, please click here:

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We thank you for your donation of whatever amount you feel suitable.

With blessings for everything good,

Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman