Our Mission

HINDA is a Jewish chaplaincy program for the Illinois correctional system, supporting families and helping ex-offenders become productive members of society. 

We especially work to help the children — who suffer through no fault of their own — maintain their self-respect and enjoy happy childhood experiences.

HINDA encourages healthier, more mature behavior based on age-old Jewish values and common sense.

The majority of HINDA participants re-enter society and do not return to prison. 


Creating a safer society — 30 years of service.

HINDA deeds of inspiration, wisdom, morality, and common sense.  We also provide ex-offenders with a lifeline of hope and concern, and seek to keep families together by providing support and compassion to family members.

Results? At least 70% of the individuals on our rolls do not return to prison. That’s the reciprocal of the national average for serious crime. And those who remain involved and in contact with the HINDA Institute and the rabbi after re-entry continue to be not only arrest-free, but also crime-free. Try our “money-back guarantee”!

Helping spouses and children. Families are deeply affected by an incarceration. Besides the immediate effects, children who do not receive helpful intervention are statistically likely to themselves get into trouble with law. Help us break this cycle for children and families with counseling, sincere, personal interaction, and generous scholarships to Jewish camp. ​

Consider volunteering.We also need volunteers to write letters of encouragement, visit prisoners, deliver holiday packages, and if you’re a legal professional or social worker, to offer legal aid or help for families.

Please contact us today! Help today with a donation of any amount. Please help fund our efforts to heal individuals and create a safer society for us all. Click the donate button above right.