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HINDA’s Purpose

From the very first visit to an Illinois prison more than three decades ago, and the very first call of support to a family member on “the outside”, the chaplains and staff of HINDA (Jewish Prisoners Assistance Foundation) have dedicated themselves to helping individuals discover ways they can become the kind of ethical, responsible, productive human beings they were meant to be. We see our job as helping to reveal the inner potential for goodness in every person, and inspiring acts of goodness and kindness to take the place of previous negative actions… truly transforming darkness into light. 

What Does HINDA Do?

HINDA Institute listens, counsels, inspires, teaches, shares and helps spouses, parents, children, inmates, and ex-offenders, offering healing to the individual, the family, the community and society, with material, spiritual, educational, and social support. 

What Can I Do?

  • Join our successful work as a supporter or volunteer.
  • Book Rabbi Scheiman to inspire your group, right here in Illinois or anywhere in the world. 
  • Talk to your elected representatives about reforms to aid successful re-entry, giving sincere ex-offenders a second chance to get it right. 
  • And please spread the word about our “Money-Back Guarantee” — because the vast majority of those who stay in touch with a HINDA rabbi stay out of the criminal justice system for good.  (Compare that to a national 70% recidivism rate, and you’ll see the sense in helping HINDA’s effective and valuable work.)

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